23 March, Make It A Date To Connect With What’s Important

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Hundreds of millions of people around the world are marking 23rd March to commemorate their existence and to profess the love for the one thing that all of us share – the Earth. It is the time of the year to show that we care – Earth Hour.

Earth Hour started in 2007 at Sydney. In 2012, more than 6950 cities and towns across 152 countries took part in this meaningful event.


Earth Hour means more than switching off our lights for an hour, it is an event to remind ourselves of our daily energy consumption and on a deeper level, to reawaken our senses.


Before and after Earth hour. Photo from alexindigo

In Singapore, we are fortunate to be able to get water from the tap and get entertainment at a switch of a button. We do not have any natural disaster, at the very worst, there would only be ponding. We live in such comfort that sometimes we forget the fact that our blatant abuse of energy: switching on the lights unnecessarily, leaving the television on, could affect the environment adversely.

At the same time,  we do not have high mountains, big lakes or beaches for us to contemplate on our connectedness with nature and on the grandiose of life. We don’t think about life. In fact, we hardly spend time understanding ourselves and finding out what we want. We rush off to work and even when we are supposed to be resting, we are plugged in. We watch TV, watch youtube videos on our smart phones, read Facebook newsfeed on the bus and train. We are constantly bombarding our senses and making ourselves more tired through this seemingly passive activities.

We have more convenience and ironically, we are busier, which means lesser time for our loved ones. This is one of the biggest paradox of civilisation; most of us are chasing dreams; bigger cars, bigger house, more expensive bags; that are never meant for us in the first place and thus neglecting people or things that  truly matter.

Earth Hour presents a good opportunity for us to unplug and reconnect with life, your self, friends, family and/or even pets. Here are 10 simple ways to do so.

1) Invite friends over

2) Have a candle lit dinner

3) Tell stories in the dark

4) Dance

5) Write down your inner thoughts by a candle light

6) Play a musical instrument

7) Snuggle with your pet or love ones

8) Do yoga or tai chi

9) Meditate or focus on healing the Earth

10) Catch up on your sleep – Go to bed early


Take a pledge to heal the world. Make a conscious effort to protect our planet.


What you do and don’t do will affect the world, because we are all connected.

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One Response to 23 March, Make It A Date To Connect With What’s Important

  1. Aisha Burgoon says:

    Reports show that the United States topped the Earth Hour participation with an estimated 80,000,000 people, 318 cities and 8 states participating. The Philippines saw participation from 647 cities and towns or over 15 million Filipinos were estimated to have joined in the hour-long lights-off at 8:30 – 9:30 PM local time. This was followed by Greece with 484 cities and towns participating, and Australia with 309.’:

    Au revoir

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