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In Singapore, we talk about issues like work-life balance, maternity/paternity leave, traffic congestion and uncontrollable population growth. We complain about the stress level and the pace of life. We live in a high-speed and pressure-cooker society whereby if you are  not able to catch up, you would be left behind. Our dreams are dying or are died but at least we are given free will, however limited it might seem at the moment.

There are people who are living in dire situation worse off than death. We fear for genetic disease while some children are born to be a hereditary slave; there are no escape for them and did not know of a world otherwise. Ever since civilisation, people have been exploited, traded and enslaved. For the past 100 years, slavery is made illegal in every country. Yet, according to Free The Slaves, there are still 27 million slaves in the world and most of them live close to us. More than 5 million of the slaves are said to be located in Asia.

Top 10 Facts About The “S” Word from Free the Slaves

There is no doubt that slavery thrives on the greed of greedy and evil slave owners and traders. However, slavery is fueled by the consumer chain, no matter how unwilling we are to victimize on the vulnerable people. Children as young as ten are forced to work in cocoa field. In Nepal, an eight-year-old girl is sold by her parents and made to work for 19 hours a day. Women and girls are still tricked and trafficked across borders for commercial sexual exploitation. All these take place because man have devised a dishonest avenue to meet the demand.

As a consumer and a citizen of the world, we each hold part of the key to free the slaves. Being aware is the first step. Take a survey for an estimation of number of slaves who worked for you. Empower yourself with knowledge on slavery. Subsequently, take action, be a believer of your own power, choose to support the right enterprise and become the catalyst for change.

Kevin Bales: How to combat modern slavery

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